Good-bye Summer I’ll see you again next year

imageimageimageA lot of times we are so busy with our every day lives,  that we forget to have Me Time. That is why, it is so imperative for us to learn when it is time to take a break, Get away  for a while to rejuvenate yourselves. This is how I ended up in Jamaica, in the parish of St. Thomas at the bath fountain. I never knew how beautiful this island was until I experienced the bath fountain, located in the foothills of  the John Crow mountains in St. Thomas. This fountain is known has an healing bath. The natural spring waters are believed to aid in the recovery in a wide range of  chronic disease  and skin conditions. The bath fountain have two springs, one cold and one piping hot which flow through the rocks on bamboo pipes.  Once you have  experience this bath fountain treatment for your body, you will never forget. So the next time you are  looking for an unforgettable  vacation keep this spot in mind. And also there is a Boston Jerk food stop about half an hour from the bath fountain that have all the best Jerk porks and jerk chicken with festival to eat .Here is a clip of the video about the bath fountain experience.       

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