Three Must Have Tips For Summer

image   Start with a eye shadow base that will help the shadows to pop. Then smudge a pink shadow onto the lid. Next use a purple shadow into the outer crease of the eyes before finishing with a flick of liner.

MakeMeOverbeauty for everyday and every occasion.
MakeMeOverbeauty for everyday and every occasion.

Hello Loves Make Me Over beauty for everyday and for every occasion would like to dish out some tips on the essential of protected yourself for summer . #1  Make sure you don’t leave home without your sun protection. In the Summer times the sun gets hotter than usual. That is why I always like to remind my clients  on the important of  protecting themselves from the U V Rays that can cause damages to the skin or Melanoma which is a skin Cancer. Everybody should use a sun protection including the kids. There are children sun blocks out there as well . #2 For the Summer try to use a light wight foundation or a tinted moisturizer foundation. If you’ve used a regular liquid foundation during the summer, then you know about the melting, pooling, and caking that can occur. In addition,most regular liquid foundations is so heavy for the Summer and don't have a SPF, which is so essential. Here are three of my Faves: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Maybelline BB cream,and bare minerals serum foundation.

#3  Beauty is an inside- out  thing. Meaning beauty starts with you taking care of you.  I’ve notice a lot of celebrities are Juicing like Kerry Washington who shares some of her regimen on juicing in Instyle magazine. I’ve been juicing now for a while myself. One of the greatest benefit you get out of juicing is it helps you with energy and to maintain a good weight.  I normally  juice Carrots, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon and a piece of  celery with a piece of ginger size of a quarter. with a slice of cucumber and a small amount of green sweet pepper. This is great to drink on or before a good workout. And last power up on drinking lots of water…

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